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World Padel Tour arrives in Tampere, Finland

The city of Tampere in Finland will host the northernmost and first-ever World Padel Tour event in the land of the midnight sun when the Tampere Padel Exhibition takes place during the weeks of nightless nights from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July 2022.

“2022 is the biggest and the most international circuit in the history of the World Padel Tour. It’s great to finally have the tournament in Finland as well. We look forward to what the northernmost World Padel Tour tournament of all time has to offer us,“ comments Mario Hernando, CEO of World Padel Tour.

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Explore Finland and play

Finland offers a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for travelers around the world. Four distinct seasons with unique features are sure to leave a lasting impression to padel players’ hearts. Experience 24-hour sunlight in the summer and the magnificent Aurora Borealis during the winter season. Traditional Finnish sauna followed by a dip in a frozen lake is an unmissable experience, and the combination of hot and cold is great for muscle recovery after a padel session.

Destinations around the globe including the Maldives as well as Marbella and Barcelona in Spain have been carefully selected to cater for all padel player’s needs with state-of-the-art facilities.

Padel is an integrated part in all our Experience Packages. Each Package includes professional training sessions by world class padel players and coaches as well as attending a World Padel Tour competition as a spectator.

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Clubs and Courts

World Class Clubs in Finland

All Padel Travel Finland’s Experience Packages are organized in close co-operation with world class indoor padel clubs to ensure a high-quality Padel experience. All Clubs are carefully vetted for your pleasure.

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Padel Travel Finland was born out of passion for padel and the desire to strive towards better knowledge of the game. Learning from the best players and coaches, watching them play the game they love and exploring new places is sure to inspire any player. Welcome on board to elevate your game.

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